Power Yoga

Practice of asanas (yoga positions) that blend seamlessly with one another in a Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) sequence. The goal is to stretch and strenghten the whole body in the rhythm of breathing and own pace, to stimulate blood circulation into the tissues and internal organs and reduce stress and tension.

Power yoga is working your muscles symmetrically throughout the body in a calm and slow execution of individual positions. At the same time it pays attention to breathing and performing individual positions. It improves flexibility, strength, preserves the natural momentum of the joints, balances the scoliotic posture, improves the momentum and flexibility of the spine. Other positive effects are improved blood flow, peristalsis, digestion and, last but not least, positively affects the internal environment of the body - the organs and processes in them.

We will teach you breathing techniques, how to control your breath, work with the body in the positions. It is a journey that does not end and that allows you to constantly discover your body, soul and mind. It develops mental and physical condition at the same time. For some, just the "exercise" is enough, for others, they go further and can get to know themselves more.

Try Power Yoga and don't be discouraged by first failures. That there's too much tension when you bend forward? That you cannot do the same thing with your arms like the teacher? That you can't stay on one leg like the other? Don't give up! Power yoga is not a competition, try not to hurry and persevere, enjoy every small success and progress. We look forward to seeing you.

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