Why do we practise in a heated room?

Our muscles, tendons and joints warm-up faster due to the higher temperatures, thanks to this fact our body is more flexible and less predisposed to injuries. The more we sweat, the more opened our pores are and the more toxins can be floated away from our system. Hot yoga practise improves the condition of our skin, clear our lymphatic system stimulates the endocrine glands function and improves the blood circulation in your body. What’s more, food appetite is reduced thanks to the hormonal level stabilisation. After 90 minutes of hot yoga class we can burn about 1000 – 1200 Kcal. That is three times more than after practising aerobic for the same time. Hot Yoga practise will also help you to relax the mind through focusing your concentration towards your breath, body and asana practise.

Am I able to lose weight while practising hot yoga?

Yes, you are! During 90 minutes class you burn up to 1200 Kcal, that is three times more than after classical aerobic class. Thanks to hormonal level stabilisation, your food appetite is reduced. It depends on many factors such as your actual condition, somatotype and definitely on your genetic disposition.

What if I start feeling sick or dizzy during the lesson?

Usually this can be caused by dehydration. Make sure that you drunk enough water before coming to hot yoga lesson. Try to avoid coffee, tea or alcohol. We highly recommend drinking fruit or vegetable juices, water containing magnesium or electrolytes. During the practise try to drink just a little sips of water so there is not so much liquid in your stomach. That can also make you feel sick while practising some asanas. It is more likely to drink bigger amount of water when the lesson is over to rehydrate your body again. The second reason why you feel sick or dizzy can be that you eat too much before the practise. Try to finish your last meal, preferably something lighter and easy to digest, 2 – 3 hours before the lesson starts. The third reason can be the toxins floating out of your body with your sweat.

How often should I come to hot yoga lesson?

After trying hot yoga for the first time, you may find it difficult and feel discouraged. We recommend to come and try it for the second time and see the difference. Usually the second lesson is much more interesting for the beginners. To feel all the positive effects on your body it is recommended to practise hot yoga 2 – 3 times per week.

Is this class good for me?

Do you feel stressed, suffer from the headaches/migraines or backaches, do you have a high cholesterol level? Would you like to lose weight, shape your body and feel fresh and beautiful? Do you suffer from sleeplessness, tiredness or exhaustion? Then you should come and try hot yoga with us!

Can I practise hot yoga while breast feeding?

Yes you can. Hot yoga practise can’t make you lose the milk or anyhow affect the milk quality or pureness. Make sure that you drink a lot of water before and after practise. Do not hesitate to consult poses modifications appropriate to your actual health and pregnancy condition with the yoga teacher before the lesson starts.

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