Each „first“ step is a step into the unknown, but do not be afraid to make it. Class is formed from the simplest hatha yoga poses, i.e. you can choose an easier option by yourself.

You can book a class without previous registration or purchasing a pass. Just select the course you want to visit in the schedule and fill in the reservation form. If you want to cancel the registration, you can do it by e-mail or telephone.

Respect your body and get ready to sweat a lot, because there will be around 40 degrees Celsius throughout the class.

Come at least 20 minutes before the class starts, so as you can adapt to the temperature. It is important not to leave the room during the class, it´s a great challenge for your body.

During the lesson you can relax (sit or lie down), feel your body and get some air whenever you want. You will see your progress next time. Try to come as soon as possible to the next class to prevent muscle soreness.

Drink plenty of water before and after the class. Here you can learn how to eat properly before and after the class.

The most important advice not only for beginners – focus on yourself.


What to wear and what to bring?

Ladies, come in either leggings or sports shorts and in tank top or top made of elastic material. Gentlemen, come in swimwear or sports shorts. Leave mesh athletic pants at home.

You enter the room barefoot without any shoes.

Do not forget to bring a mat, a drink and two towels (one big for the mat and one for the shower). If you do not have a mat, or if you forget a towel, we will gladly lend it to you.


What and how to eat and drink?

Food and drink BEFORE the class:

Morning class: Drink at least 1l of water or fruit juice in the morning. Take fruits, cereals, cereal pastry or müsli bar to get energy. If you get up earlier, e.g. 3 hours before the class starts, eat as usual and drink more water or green tea with it. You can take diluted juice with you to the room. Practising hot yoga on an empty stomach is very difficult. Hypoglycaemia may occur and with it dizziness, blurred vision and overall feeling of sickness. Therefore we recommend you to bite something before the class.

Afternoon class: Eat meatless food throughout the day, so you do not burden the digestive system, and carbohydrate foods with vitamins and minerals. Rice, potatoes, pasta, grains, legumes, cereals, fruit, vegetable, fruit and vegetable juices, seeds, dried fruits, etc. Drink mostly water, at least 2l and fresh fruit or vegetable juices or other supplements that contain minerals and electrolytes. That is what we mostly lose during the class, which is the main reason you may feel nauseous during yoga.

It is adviced to drink as little as possible during the class. During the compression exercises it comes to the compression of the internal organs, including the stomach. Drink again after the lesson to rehydrate the body.


Food and drink AFTER the class:

Morning class: It is good if you do not burden the digestive system with heavy food. Eat light and digestible foods. Drink more fluids than usual and enjoy your inner peace.

Afternoon (evening) class: Drink fluids and do not stay hungry. Your body is smart and if the similar situation occur next time, it can depose afternoon (midday) meal into fat. So we recommend you more carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, seeds and legumes…


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