Terms and conditions


Payment for yoga passes and entries are non-refundable. Yoga pass can be rewritten on another name or you can extend its validity. The validity of the yoga pass can be extended in the period 14 days before and 14 days after the expiration date. The period of validity of extended yoga pass is extended by period of validity of new yoga pass. Extending the yoga pass by purchasing a new one can be done with the same type of pass (YOGA, HOT YOGA). Once yoga pass is extended, it can not be prolonged again.

For individual classes it is necessary to cancel the reservation at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise we will require full payment of the class.

1+1 for the first time visit is valid for 10 days and it is not possible to extend it.

When you buy yoga pass you will receive a plastic card with a barcode on the reception desk. If you will lose the card, the studio charges 50 CZK fee for issuing new card. You need to show your card every time you visit us. You can check validity, booking, bonus program and reliability in customer section. There is also possibility to extend the validity of your pass, buy new yoga pass online or cancel reservations.

Yoga pass is non-transferable. If 2 clients want to use the pass, they will be divided points in the Bonus program and it is then harder to reach the offered discounts of 4%, 7% or 10%. Therefore, carefully consider whether you will take someone else on your pass.

If you forget your password in your customer section, you have the option to apply for a new one online.

If you do not have yoga pass, you can cancel you reservation by e-mail or by telephone at latest 6 hours before the class begins. If you do not repeatedly cancel your reservations, you will be denied access to reservations.

Transfer of entries from yoga pass

In exceptional cases such as pregnancy, health reasons, etc., the remaining entries can be transferred to another person. In these cases, please contact eva@yogabrno.cz.

conditions for participation in classes

The operator or teacher does not take responsibility for the clothing, valuables or money of the participant during the stay in the studio.

The teacher is not responsible for the health condition of the participant. If you suffer from any health problems or limitations, it is important to say it to the teacher before the class begins. Health is your responsibility. Ahimsa - do not hurt yourself and work with your body responsibly to your health.

We do not recommend to start with yoga during pregnancy, so that is why we offer Gravid yoga classes for future mothers. You can start Gravid yoga anytime during pregnancy, previous yoga experience is not necessary. If you practice yoga for some time and you have yoga rooted in your body, other classes can be attended in the first and second trimesters or other classes upon your discretion or consultation with your teacher. 

In the case of HOT YOGA and pregnancy, we do not recommend attending classes in the first trimester to women who did not regularly attend hot yoga classes. It is also possible to take classes at your own discretion and feeling. We do not recommend HOT YOGA to pregnant women who have never attend this kind of classes before. After a natural birth, you can start hot yoga classes not earlier than 6-7 weeks, but we recommend classes for strengthening the pelvic floor or gentle/basic yoga. After Cesarean birth, consultation with a doctor is appropriate. According to studies, HOT YOGA has no effect on breastfeeding. Some positions on your stomach will probably not be pleasant, so you can just skip them. Again, it is good to inform the teacher about your condition before the class.


Prices are always based on a valid price list. It is upon request if you need to issue a proof of payment. 

It is not possible to pay by credit card in our studios. We only accept cash or you can pay via online order. On-line ordering and payments can be done directly at the studio, and thus verify that the payment has been correctly send to the YOGA BRNO account.

By booking and purchasing a class/workshop/seminar/training you agree to our booking, terms&conditions and cancellation policy.


We do not have any responsibility for your belongings in the studio. It is possible to keep your belongings in lockable cabinets in the cloakroom or you can store the valuables at the reception.

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