Reservation terms

Due to the limited hall capacity, we recommend you to reserve your spot in advance. You can make your reservation through our website, personally on the reception in one of our studios or exceptionally by making a call. Reservations can be done 14 days in advance.

You can find the actual occupancy rate graphically displayed in the schedule.

It is not possible to create a reservation on the two simultaneously ongoing classes.

The reservation can be cancelled no later than 6 hours before the class begins. Cancelation can be done via customer section, email (, text message or exceptionally voice call (+420724698698). If we are not answering the phone, it is because the studios are closed between morning and afternoon classes. In case that you do not cancel your reservation in the set time limit, it will affect your unreliability and also the discount given on the permanent passes under the terms of Bonus Program.

Reservation expires 5 minutes before the class starts. If you come later there is a possibility that we let another customer to take your spot in the class.

The customers, who do not come and do not cancel the reservation repetitively, will not be allowed to create any more reservation.

Private classes

Private classes are always planned individually. The private class can be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the class. In case that you fail to respect this condition, there is a chance that you will not be given another private class term. In case that you do not cancel your private class in advance, you will be asked to pay full price of the private class.

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