Hot yoga manners

  • Come 15 minutes before the class starts. Stretch yourself and lie or sit down in the room. Acclimatise yourself and get ready for the class.
  • Respect your body and do not try poses if you are in pain. Each day is different and each day we feel differently.
  • Follow the basic hygiene of the body, feet and mouth, you are not alone in the room. Heavy smokers and people with excessive sweating, please take a shower before the lesson. Do not use perfumes or other aromatic substances.
  • Come to the class appropriately dressed, so you do not show more than you would like in a rotary inverted poses.
  • Observe silence before and after the class, respect those who want to relax. We will happily answer to your question before or after the class.
  • Leave your shoes in the closet at the reception desk, keep valuables in the lockers, save time in the shower with regard to the others.
  • Do not drink coffee or energy drinks before the class.
  • Do not leave during the class, not even near to the end. Savasana (corpse pose) is the most important pose of the whole exercise.

Try to stay in the room during the class, get used to the temperature, rest whenever you need to, respect your heart and your feelings. After the first lesson, come again, do not feel discouraged. We guarantee that the second visit will be 100% better and you will come to know the good effects of this yoga.

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