First time visitors

What to wear and what should I bring to the studio?

Come in a comfortable and clean clothes.

We walk barefoot in our studios.

Yoga mats, cork blocks, blankets and other requisites are available for free. Because you are not the only one using the mat or block today, we politely ask our clients to use towels/yoga towels to cover the requisites to respect the hygienic rules.

For the first time visitors

You can make your reservation online through our reservation system. The reservation is confirmed once you receive a confirmation email. In case, that you will not be able to come to the lesson, you can cancel the reservation. The cancelation has to be done no later than 6 hours before the lesson starts. We do not charge any fee for not cancelling the reservation, however it will affect your reliability rating (see more in bonus program).

Classes recommended for the beginners : Relax yoga, Gentle yoga, Yin yoga, Basic yoga, Healthy back and flat belly, Meditation yoga. Morning yoga.. and much more.

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