Hot yoga

In a specially heated room to a temperature of 38–42 degrees Celsius we practice a set of logical sequence of asanas and a few yoga breathing exercises. Poses are designed in a way that you will stretch and strenghten your entire body. Hot yoga is based on classical hatha yoga, which includes  86 basic asanas. In each of our "A" and "B" series, you will meet a consistent and always the same asanas set so that you can easily see improvements after each lesson and connection with your breathing.

We offer Hot Yoga 90min classes and also Hot Yoga 60min classes, that can be for those who don't have that much time or one hour of hot yoga is enough for them. Another type of classes is Hot Yin Yoga, which is led by a very relaxing form of yin positions. And also we offer Hot Yin/Yang classes, which means 45 minutes of Yang active practise and then rest of the class of yin calming practise.

During the practise your body starts stretching the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Due to compression of organs and intense circulation of oxygenated blood, it will warm you up. This leads to cleansing your body from inside and out.

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