Mindful Yoga is considerate and mindful yoga, where the dedication of our mindfulness to any physical activity creates a focus on everything we are doing at this moment, thus transforming movement into a form of meditation. Conscious yoga is therefore considered a form of meditation, transferring full attention to your body, observing your feelings, experiences, thoughts, changes. The way we feel, the way we feel everything around, inside and out ... it's all us and at that moment.

This style of yoga is based on traditional hatha yoga and the practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is simple, yet complicated because it is a way that teaches us how we can simply focus on what is happening NOW. It can be one of the most transformational tools for personal and spiritual development.

This lesson can bring you increased concentration, better memory, resistance to colds and diseases, feelings of happiness and satisfaction; reduction of chronic pain, blood pressure, relief of stress, anxiety and depression.

The lesson is suitable for everyone, who want to feel their inner self.

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