Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the foundation stone for the general concept of yoga. It combines the strength of positions with the fullness of the breath, the knowledge of inner self and mind and concentration. With the help of mudras, mantras, asanas, pranayama and concentration techniques, we can awaken, get to know and realize the power of our own.

The name of this yoga was created by combining the syllables ha, which represents solar energy, and tha, which is lunar energy. The name therefore defines the basic idea of hatha yoga - the balancing of two basic energies. Hatha yoga focuses on controlling the body, cleansing it and keeping it in a healthy, perfect state. It is cleansing the whole organism.

It is suitable for complete beginners, even for those of you who want to enter deeper into the secrets of yoga and get to know other "branches" of yoga.

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