Classic yoga is based on a comprehensive system of Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a specific system whose main components are asanas (body position), pranayama (breath control) and concentration / meditation (calming of the mind).

The name of hatha yoga was created by combining the syllables ha, which represents solar energy, masculinity, strength, energy and tha, which is lunar energy, feminine, floating, calm, emotional. The name therefore defines the basic idea of ​​hatha yoga - the balancing of two basic energies. Yin / Yang, Ida / Pingala, emotions / rationality ... Hatha yoga focuses on controlling the body, purifying it and keeping it in a healthy, perfect state. It is a purification of the whole organism, both mental and physical.

It is suitable for complete beginners, even for those of you who want to delve deeper into the secrets of yoga and not only know the asanas, but also endure in them with the help of breath, concentration, stillness. Completely let the asana speak, where it breathes, where you feel it, where you can give attention, and where you can leave it. Find peace and patience.

The lesson includes breathing techniques - pranayama, Surya namaskar, asanas, concentration techniques, relaxation.

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