Hall Zábrdovická 1st floor

The Classical Yoga Hall in Zábrdovice offers you various styles of yoga and health exercises.

Come in comfortable clothes that match the selected lesson. The hall is entered barefoot.

The hall is equipped with air conditioning with separate supply and exhaust.

The yoga mats and other accessories are available free of charge in the hall. Please use a towel for them for hygienic reasons.
After the lesson, please clean the borrowed accessories and the mat with a prepared disinfection.


You can make a reservation through our reservation system. You will receive a confirmation of the reservation sent to the given e-mail. If you do not want to attend the lesson, it is necessary to cancel the reservation no later than 6 hours before the start of the lesson.

Once you do not cancel the lesson, we do not charge a penalty, however, we have marked that you did not cancel the reservation and this is reflected in the reliability of the customer in your bonus account. We have a bonus program ready for regular customers.

Lessons we recommend to complete beginners are: Relax yoga, Gentle yoga, Yin yoga, Basic yoga, Healthy back and firm belly, Yoga with meditation

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