Hot Yoga "A" and "B" series

We offer asanas based on classical hatha yoga in two comparable series. In each of them you will find different positions, different breathing techniques, different stretches and your own dimension. Lessons are designed for both beginners and advanced.

In a specially heated hall to a temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius and humidified to optimal humidity, we practice a set of logically consecutive asanas and several breathing yoga exercises. The positions are designed to stretch and strengthen the whole body. Hot yoga is based on classical hatha yoga, which contains a total of 86 basic asanas. In each of our series "A" and "B", you will encounter a comprehensive and always the same set of asanas, so that you can observe the improvement of positions after each of your lessons, both with your breath and with the performance itself.

Series A is characterized by considerable detoxification, not only in the first half of the standing positions, but also then in the sitting / lying positions. Throughout the series, you can feel the blood and energy flow all over your body and into all the peripheries. With this strong blood supply, you rejuvenate not only the skin, but also the removal of waste substances from all organs, the circulatory system, excretion, digestion and last but not least your undigested emotions. You leave lighter, calm and with your head free for new ideas and visions.

Series B is characterized by its therapeutic effect. Our spine is a perfect system which, when well functioning can keep us fresh and healthy for a very long time. If we rotate correctly our spine will relax, our intervertebral discs will get more space and all the nerve canals stored along and inside the spine will receive a new impulse. The whole series flows freely, it is light in its playfulness and is based on the compression of organs during correctly selected positions. We offer you another look at Hatha yoga, rest in the form of a kind approach and a sequence of positions. You will leave this series feeling like a new person.

Everyone can make the A or B series easier or more difficult. It only depends on you, on your day, what you expect, what mood you are radiating, what mood you really feel and on other various factors. But it's always important not to look at others and be happy with yourself, be happy with how you feel from the lesson... that's how it should be.

We look forward to seeing you at our yoga classes!

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