Hot Yoga "60min"

Hot Yoga 60min is a set of asanas, which we composed so that they energetically and physically follow each other, to give you the maximum possible and yet for you to still have time for your other duties.

In a heated hall at a temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius and humidified to optimal humidity, you can expect an "express" HOT YOGA lesson, during which higher knowledge can occur both on a physical and energy level. We also recommend the lesson to complete beginners.

If you don't have time, you don't want to spend 90 minutes in a heated hall, you have other responsibilities, but you would like to go to HOT YOG anyway? Then this type of lesson is just for you.

Before the lesson be calm and quiet in the hall, sit or lie down, warm up your body and prepare for the lesson. After the lesson, you can stay in the hall to complete your relaxation, then leave the hall quietly so you do not to disturb others. We will be happy to answer your questions in the studio.

Take a towel that you will put on the mat, a towel for the shower and possibly a small towel to wipe sweat and bring water. Dress in comfortable pants / sport shorts and t-shirts / tank tops / tops.

We are looking forward to you. NAMASTE

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